Calculate The Number Of Days From The Employee's Commencement To Today's Date

When conducting a reconciliation of your employees' accrued leave records you need to calculate the number of days from the employee's commencement to today's date.  

  1. Click on Wages to start the timesheet.
  2. Click on the middle of the screen to activate the Next button > Next. 
  3. At the Adjustments - Leave screen, click Leave > Add. 
  4. At Leave Payment Wizard screen, click Express Mode. 
  5. Enter in the dates as outlined below.

Please Note: 

  • Enter the employee's commencement date, if this date is after the commencement of when you started on the Wagemaster program. If the employee started with your company before the introduction of Wagemaster program then the commencement date is the same date of the starting of Wagemaster program. 
    • Example: If Joe Bloggs official employment date is 1/1/2007 and you started using Wagemaster program from 1/1/2008 then as far as Wagemaster is concerned, the commencement date for reconciliation of leave is 1/1/2008.
  • You should have all leave records in your old payroll system for 1/1/2007 to 31/12/2007. 

Continue to Deduct Any Leave Already Taken.

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