Creating A New Invoice

This article explains how to create a new invoice in Enhanced Invoicing.

  1. Start at the Home Page.
  2. Click Cashbook.
  3. Click Enhanced Invoicing Acc/Rec. 
  4. Browse Invoices screen will appear.
  5. Click on New Invoice from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen or click on Add New.Add_new.PNG
  6. The Invoicing Wizard will be displayed.
  7. Click on the green arrow.
  8. The Invoice Lines screen will now appear.
  9. Complete the invoice by adding what you need to add. Once you are happy that each line is correct, click the green tick to save.
  10. Once the whole invoice is finished, click the green arrow. 
  11. The Totals Notes screen will now appear. If you want to send your client a specific note, type it in the notes box.
  12. If you wish to see how your invoice will look prior to printing it you can click Preview.
  13. Otherwise, click Finish.
  14. You will now be returned to the Browse Invoices screen.

How To Use Recent Invoice Details: Click Here


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