Setup Invoice Formats

This article will explain how to setup a new invoice format for Enhanced Invoicing. 

You can setup as many invoice formats as you wish however, you must have at least one invoice format. 

If Basic Invoicing had been setup previously, the existing invoice formats will be imported, however, you may wish to edit them after upgrading.

Your invoice format is what will determine what your invoice will look like when it is printed.

To Setup New Invoice Format

  1. Select Invoice Settings and choose Invoice Format.
  2. The Invoice Format screen will appear. Existing formats will be copied from standard invoicing if you had been using it previously. 
  3. Select Add New from the dropdown list. 
  4. Type your company name in the Format Name field. 
  5. Click the green tick.
  6. Click on the Header/Logo tab to add your own company/business logo.
    If you are having problems with the logo, please click here to troubleshoot.
  7. When creating your logo, it must be in bitmap format (bmp), and 5 x 5 cm (187 x 187 pixels).
  8. Note: Your logo must be saved in this directory: 
  9. Click Browse to locate your logo file.
  10. If you are using a letterhead select Hide Header Section on the Header/Logo tab and ensure that the top margin will allow for your letterhead size. 
  11. Select the position of Name, Details and Logo by clicking left, right or centre. 
  12. Click the green tick.
  13. Select the Header Details tab and enter your name and address details. 
  14. Click the green tick. 
  15. Select Supplied/Details tab. 
  16. Select Display Options to customize the layout of the invoice most applicable to your business.
    These options affect the display & printing of the invoice. Left Margin is used to position the
    address for a window envelope.
  17. Select the Remittance tab. Remittance text can be changed if required.
  18. Enter invoice message if applicable. 
  19. Click the green tick to save.
  20. Click the black cross to close. 

To edit an existing invoice format: Click Here

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