Returned to login page after logging in to File Manager

There have been recent reports of when logging in to File Manager, the files flash as verifying and then customers are sent back to the login page, or customers log in and are repeatedly returned to the login page.


These issues are most likely linked to a browser update or similar and there are a number of steps to try to fix this:


1. Open Agrimaster in a different browser to test if the issue is isolated:

Open Agrimaster in a different browser


2. Clear your browser cache:

Clearing a browser cache


3. You can also close and reopen the browser for File Manager.


In order to aid our investigation, please log a support ticket, advising when you last used Agrimaster, when this issue occurred, and whether it has happened more than once.

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience and will continue to investigate if the steps above do not work. We may need to remotely access your computer via TeamViewer and take the error logs.


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