Internet Banking Training

Learn to use Internet Banking and avoid double handling of data and EFT payments with Agrimaster Internet Banking.

The training will follow the below structure: 

  1. Benefits of Internet Banking - Click Here
  2. Prerequisites to using Internet Banking - Click Here
  3. Adding Bank Account Details - Click Here
  4. Setup/Check Suspense Receipts & Suspense Payments Codes - Click Here
  5. Setup Internet Banking - Click Here
  6. Setup EFT details for contacts - Click Here
  7. Making EFT Payments
  8. Export Direct Payments from Agrimaster to your Internet Banking - Click Here
  9. Creditor Control 
  10. Returning Transactions to the EFT Area - Click Here
  11. Upload EFT Payments into your bank's Internet Banking - Click Here
  12. Export Transaction File (statement details) from your bank to import into Agrimaster - Click Here
  13. Automatic Reconciliation - Click Here
  14. Setup Default Code Names - Click Here
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