Export Direct Payments To Your Internet Banking

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Once all Payments have been entered they are ready to export to your bank. This is done by creating the file
called netpay.aba. This file takes the information from your Agrimaster file and is the gateway to transfer
transactions from your Agrimaster software to your Internet Banking.

  1. From the Home Page, click Cashbook. 
  2. Click EFT, Acc/Pay, Cheques.
  3. In the EFT, Acc/Pay, Cheques screen, your transactions and cash transfers are listed.
  4. Click the EFT icon to display the export window. 
  5. Ensure the Pay From Account is correct, especially if you are using more than one bank account for EFTs. 
  6. Ensure the Export To bank is correct. If you have more than one bank setup, you will get a dropdown list.
  7. Ensure Batch Process Date is correct. 
  8. Click and drag to select all payments to be included in the batch.
  9. Ensure the Number of Payments and Total of Payments are both correct.
  10. Click the green tick or press F10 to create the ABA file ready to export the direct payments to your bank's internet banking. 
    • A batch identification is attached to each group of payments exported for use during automatic
      reconciliation (EFT plus the batch number, e.g. EFT 54). The batch number is in the ‘Reference’ field of
      the payment. Multiple payments made in the same batch will all have the same batch number.
  11. As Agrimaster uses the unique file name of netpay.aba for every batch file, you will now see the warning
    message window OLB Export File State. You need to confirm whether or not to proceed with overwriting the previous aba file. If need be, confirm that the previous batch file uploaded into your bank’s internet banking site.
    • You will not see this warning message on the first occasion you create an ABA file.
  12. A final confirmation will be requested then the payment file will be written, and the payments moved to the
    ‘transactions’ section of the cashbook. Select Yes to delete the existing file before exporting selected transactions.
  13. A message will now display:
    "How many transactions and what the total of the batch payment?"
    If this is correct select Yes otherwise select No and review your entries.
  14. You will now return to the EFT export screen. Payments will no longer be listed here because they have relocated to the Transaction Screen, ready for reconciliation.
  15. The netpay.aba file saves these payments, and you should now log into your bank’s internet banking site to
    import the file.

Please Note: 

  • Batch Process Date: You can change this date. It will override the date entered in Last Date For Payment. All selected payments will be processed on this date. 
  • Optional: You can amalgamate payments where two or more payments are to the same payee and/or selected SuperStream payments by ticking the respective boxes at the bottom of the screen.
    • When ticking the Amalgamate Selected SuperStream Payments box, you will also need to select the clearing house name, complete the EFT details and enter your lodgement reference (these will be remembered for future payments).
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