How do I add the Jobkeeper code to the previous payslip?

Please go through the Overview of JobKeeper Payment for Employers article for finding out the eligibility criteria and for applicable codes.

If for any reason you have missed adding Jobkeeper codes in the payslips for eligible employees, then please do a supplementary payslip to include the applicable code. The Start Code goes into the first payslip only to announce the commencement of the payment.

How to use a Supplementary Pay Slip:

  1. Ensure the correct PPE Date is selected at the top right of the main screen otherwise click on it and set it to the appropriate Pay Period Ending date.
  2. Go to File > Maintenance > Supplementary Pay Slip and click ‘Yes’ on the Warning to launch the Wages Wizard. 
    Read the warning screen and select yes
    The warning screen explains that the boundaries of a normal pay have been removed, therefore the payslip needs to be checked very carefully before saving.
  3. Select the appropriate eligible employee from the drop-down list, ensure there are no hours on the Timesheet, and click Next to the Adjustments page.
  4. Click on Allowances on the left and Add to bring up Add Employee Allowance.
  5. Select the JOBKEEPER-START-FNXX code for that PPE
  6. Make sure you double-check the payslip before saving. It should include only the Jobkeeper code which is required and nothing else.
    Note: JOBKEEPER-START-FNxx Allowance. This needs to be done for the first pay run only.
  7. For updating the codes with the ATO do an STP update: To do an STP Update:

    1. Click on the STP button and select STP Update.
    2. Untick All employees and select this employee only > OK.
    3. Click on the Report TO ATO button in the top right-hand side of the screen



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