Setup Quantities In Cashbook

Quantities are used to assist with the automatic calculation of the Fuel Tax Rebate for the BAS, stock reconciliation, management reports, and pulling together data for budget preparation. An example of a quantity can be tonne, hectare, acre, head, litres.
There are prefilled quantities already set up in Agrimaster, however, if you need to add another, you can do this within a transaction or invoice:
  1. Highlight the text in the quantity section, and type the quantity you would like to add.
  2. Continue filling out the relevant fields and when you are finished, click the green tick to save.
  3. The next time you enter a transaction or invoice, the new quantity you entered will be in the drop-down list and can be selected again. 
  4. It is important to ensure the quantity you select is relevant to the line item being entered. 
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