Disk Or Network Error

This article is for users who receive a 'Disk or network' error message while using Wagemaster.

This can occur if the user has their database on the server and the server has lost connection.

To resolve the issue, reboot the PC and perform a compact of the database. Please contact your IT if the connection with the drive or network is not restored upon rebooting. To perform a compact of database:

  1. Click on File > Maintenance > Database > Maintenance. 
  2. It's imperative that you do a backup so click Yes and save it to your backup location. 
  3. Click Ok and this will bring up the database maintenance wizard.
  4. Click Next and Next as you will be selecting the default database as this is the one you are currently in and need to compact.
  5. Tick the compact database and then click Next.  
  6. Once the database has finished compacting click Finish and then log in. 
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