Employee Record File Locked For Editing Error Message

This article is for users who are experiencing 'Employee record file locked for editing' error message while using Wagemaster. 

The error can occur if the database is on the server and it has lost connection or if the computer had an automation shutdown. 

In the event of a locked employee file or a diagnostic, the solution is to Compact the Database. Employee locked by a user could be due to the user not closing out of the employee’s file correctly or leaving it open whilst working in another area within Wagemaster. Also note that if you are experiencing that your wages are not as fast as normal, doing the compact may speed the process up a bit.

By performing a compact of the database the issue will be resolved. Follow the steps below:

1. Make sure all other people using the database that the lock is in have exited that particular database.

2. Click on File > Maintenance > Database > Maintenance.

3. You may say Yes to do the backup and save it to your backup location.

4. Once the backup is complete, click Ok and this will bring up the Database Maintenance Wizard.


5. Click Next and Next as you will be selecting the default database as this is the one you are currently in and need to compact.

6. Tick the compact database and then click Next.


7. Once the database has finished compacting click Finish and then log in and you should be able to get into that employee’s file.


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