Setup Leave Loading

When leave loading has not been set up in the Wagemaster Award, an employee will not get leave loading when taking annual leave. This article will take you through setting up leave loading in Wagemaster. 
Please Note: When changing an award, the changes will flow through to all employees on that award. 
To Setup Leave Loading
  1. Click Setup > Awards (select the award to modify) > Edit.
  2. Click Leave > Add/Delete Leave to start the Leave Type Award > Next.
  3. Select Add new leave type > Next.
  4. In the Leave Type drop-down, select Annual Loading > Next > Next > Finish. 
  5. From the left of the screen. click Annual.
    • Please make a note of the accrual rates on the accruals tab. For example:
      • It could be any days greater than 0, yearly  - 152.00000 (full time), or,
      • Any days greater than 0, hourly - 0.07692 (part-time).
    • On the Parent tab of the annual leave, in the Parent Leave drop-down, select Leave Loading. 
  6.  Select Leave Loading on the left-hand side of the screen and start with the accruals tab. 
    • The accruals tab will have a block calculation method - double click this line and edit it to be the same as the annual leave's accruals tab. 
    • If an hourly method is going to be used, remember to select the boxes at the bottom of the screen as per the accruals tab of annual so that the accruals tab of leave loading looks the same. 
  7. The items mentioned below are items to select/check on each of the mentioned tabs. If items are not mentioned, they should not be checked/selected,
    • Accrual Conditions: Create additional accrual records = Never. Accrual records are created only when the accrual rate changes, or when the employee moves to a new award. 
    • Entitlement: Number of Units = 0, Units = Days, Calculated From = Employment Commencement Date. 
    • Payments: Two items need to be selected. The second and third boxes, namely, do not show hours for this leave type on the payslip and payments can be edited at Wages Processing. 
      • Payment Method = Use Standard Pay Rates, Pay Rate Loading = 17.50%, Loading Method = As a Percentage of Base Rate. 
    • Auto Payments: Leave payments instigated by child leave payments cannot exceed this entitlement. This tab should be selected if you do not allow your employees to go into negative. i.e. they cannot use more leave than they are entitled to. 
      • Please Note: If you allow your employees to go into negative annual leave and you would like the leave loading to also go into negative, please untick the above mentioned 'Leave payments instigated by child leave payments cannot exceed this entitlement' box. 
    • Other: Pay on termination should be selected and treated as leave loading. 
    • Children: Once the award has been saved, annual leave should appear in the description box,
  8. Save and close the screen by selecting the close door symbol not the cross (X) at the top of the screen. 


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