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This article is for users who are running Total Defense Console (Anti virus) and need to add Agrimaster to the exclusions list to avoid issues with the installation failing for Release 6.5.0. 

If you have this antivirus installed and the 6.5.0 download freezes, you need to check the application exclusions list and browse the below directory.


Please note: Agrimaster is not affiliated with Total Defense antivirus and we recommend you contact them directly for more instructions related to using their product. The instructions provided below have come from a web search, Customer Support will assist you to the best of our ability, support is limited to troubleshooting related to the Agrimaster program. 


Known Problems: Total Defense has been known to stop the Installer, please navigate to the snooze setting and try to install Agrimaster once you have suspended the scanner


If this still doesn't work, you will need to Click on AGW.exe and then select OK and APPLY.


The directory should look like the below image:




After you have done this, try and re-download the installation of 6.5.0 again.  

If the below message appears: 



You will need to follow the below instructions:  


1. Type ‘Run’ in the Start menu.



2. In the Run prompt, type MSIExec, and then press Enter.



3. If you get the Windows Installer window which tells you everything about MSIExec, then everything is fine.


4. If you get an error, you might have to start it manually. Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager. Switch to Services and look for msiserver 


5. Click Start to start this service. 

If you are still getting an error message or the windows installer is fine and running. Look for a message that may be appearing from the Anti-virus asking to allow this app to run.

Allow this and it will then prompt you to re-boot your computer to disinfect this.  

After you have done this, try to run the installer again and it should complete successfully.

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