Import Payroll Issue From Wagemaster To Agrimaster

The below article applies to users who have linked their Wagemaster & Agrimaster file.
Instructions on how to complete this are available here.

Once you have linked your Wagemaster file to your Agrimaster file, the Wagemaster file will be re-named to align with the Agrimaster-Plus subscription name creating a copy of the existing file.

The re-named Wagemaster file will contain all the data as per the old Wagemaster file and be backed up to File Manager. 

You will need to delete the old file which will be local as there will be 2 copies of the same Wagemaster file, one with the old name, one with the Agrimaster-Plus name.  

You’ll need to adjust the payroll integration within Agrimaster as that might still be linked to your old Wagemaster file and can cause issues with importing payroll.  

This step ensures Agrimaster obtains the data from the correct location in Wagemaster. 

  1. Start at Home Page.
  2. Click on Setup & Tools.
  3. Click on Import Export Data.
  4. Click on Import from Wagemaster.
  5. Ensure you complete all fields as shown in the Wagemaster file screen shown below.
    Please Note
    The third-party payment field only needs to be completed should you have employees making third-party payments to another party directly from their pay as a deduction. If you do not have this Code, it will require adding. 
  6. Select the file that matches your Agrimaster by clicking on the drop-down arrow within the red box highlighted in the picture and complete the rest of the settings as in the Wagemaster File Payroll Configuration In Agrimaster.


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