Release 6.5.0 FAQ

Before Updating FAQ's

  1. Will my antivirus affect the Release 6.5.0 update?
    Yes, as the release uses new technology, your antivirus may need to learn what it is. The two common antiviruses that require additional steps are listed below:
    • Trend Micro Antivirus - follow the help article here before updating.
    • ​Norton Antivirus - follow the help article here before updating.
  2. What version of windows should I be running on my computer?
    You must be using Windows 10 to complete the update. Learn more here.

After Updating FAQ's

  1. What web browser do I need to open File Manager in Release 6.5.0?
    File Manager will now open in a web browser. To open Agrimaster you must use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Learn more here.
  2. How do I assign a licence to a locked/greyed out file?
    To assign a licence, follow the help article here.
  3. I have licenced the wrong file, can I unlink it & assign it to a different file?
    No, you can only assign a licence to a file once. This includes Read Only access. Be sure to link the correct licence to each file, it cannot be undone.

  4. How do I link my Wagemaster file?
    When you update to Release 6.5.0 you will have to link and configure your Wagemaster file. It's important that you read and follow the help articles:

  5. How should I open Wagemaster to ensure my data is safe? 
    It is crucial you only open Wagemaster from within File Manager. This ensures you are working online and your work is being backed up. If you open Wagemaster an alternative way, you may be at risk of data loss.

  6. Why am I unable to add more than 5 employees to Wagemaster?
    You may have opened Wagemaster incorrectly. Only open Wagemaster from within File Manager.

Customer Support Hot Tip:

To rectify many common errors, before calling Customer Support we recommend you do the following:

  1. Refresh your File Manager web browser.
  2. Restart your computer. 

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