Payroll Assist Guide

If you've purchased Payroll Assist, we support you with your Wagemaster file setup. Below are a series of steps you need to complete prior to booking your final review call.  

The links will bring you to the relevant help articles.

Please Note: Agrimaster cannot provide tax advice. It is your responsibility as an employer to understand what applies to your employees regarding payroll. If you are unsure consult your Accountant regarding your employee entitlements and conditions. Agrimaster will provide you with instructions on how to setup your employee conditions in the software. 

1. Complete the file setup form

  • It is advised to complete & submit this form as soon as possible so the Payroll Team can configure your file - Click Here
  • Once we receive the form, we will start configuring your Wagemaster file & will be in touch if we require further information. When your Wagemaster file is ready, we will send it to you via File Manager. You will receive an SMS and an email to notify you that it has been returned to you.

2. Install Wagemaster - Click Here

3. Setup internet banking in Agrimaster

  • While the Payroll Team configured your Wagemaster file, you need to setup internet banking in Agrimaster - Click Here

4. Wagemaster client number

  • Your Wagemaster client number will be sent to you via email within 3-4 business days after your purchase. Your client number will be used by the Payroll Team to create your company file. Please record this number as this will be needed when setting up STP portal in Wagemaster. 

5. STP credentials

  • Your STP credentials will be sent to you via email from Access WageEasy. Please check your Inbox and Junk/Spam email folder first and contact our Support Team if you have not received this email. You should receive an email from or so please keep a lookout in all mailbox folders for this. You will receive an email with a ‘Log in’ button. You will need to click on the button and enter your customer number to reset the password. The password you create will be the one you enter in Wagemaster.

    Please note: If you enter the password incorrectly it may lock your account and you will see the following message “incorrect Client ID or Password”

6. Receive a call from the Payroll Team within 7 working days of purchase if you haven't returned the File Setup Form yet

  • This call is for our Support Team to check in with you to see if you have any questions about the File Setup.

7. Receive Wagemaster file via File Manager

  • When your file is ready, the Payroll Team will deliver it via File Manager and you will receive an email informing you that your file has returned.

8. Link Wagemaster file to an Agrimaster file - Click Here

9. Setup employees - Click Here

  • We do not complete this step for you as you need to know how to enter future employees. We will review this during the review call.

10. Setup emailing payslips from Wagemaster - Click Here

11. Setup STP reporting - Click Here

  • When you are ready to start STP reporting you will need to complete the STP Wizard in Wagemaster. 

12. Setup integrations between Agrimaster and Wagemaster

Now that your file is returned and your employees are setup you need to setup the integration between Agrimaster and Wagemaster. 

  • Setup wages tax in Agrimaster - Click Here
  • Setup the payroll configuration in Agrimaster - Click Here

13. Download Team Viewer - Click Here

  • Before your review call, you will need to download Team Viewer so we can review your employee details are added correctly. 

14. Schedule a review call with the Payroll Team- Click Here

  • You cannot book the call until all the above steps are completed. 

15. Final review call

  • The final review call will guide you through a pay-run in Wagemaster, ensuring best practice and answering any further Wagemaster questions you may have. After the final call is complete, you will receive a final Payroll Assist email with links to relevant Processing Pay Run Help Notes along with other recommended steps to help assist you when completing the pay-run by yourself. 



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