Steps in closing a tax period

This article is for users who want to close their BAS.

The steps include:

1. Once all corrections from above steps are made:

  • Reprint GST Full Report (if required).
  • Select & close the BAS Report (View, Print & Close Tax Period).
  • Allow Agrimaster to auto create the transactions (DR/CR) for the ATO in the cashbook.
    This entry can be sent to the transaction or EFT area's in Agrimaster.
    Note: There is no need for you to manually enter the transaction.
  • Close all GST and other tax periods as promoted by Agrimaster.

2. Backup your files to File Manager.

3. Lodge your BAS details through the ATO Business Portal, myGov or your Accountant.


Congrats! That is the final step in completing your BAS.

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