What Are The 3 Different Types Of Read Only Files?

1. Read Only - share permission

Read Only - share permission is how you have authorized another user to access the file that you have shared with them 
The user that shared the file (owner of the file) will never see when other users with Read Only access are in the file - this is not concerning as Read Only means that they are not able to save any changes/alterations and the file will not be uploaded or saved in File Manager. 

2. Read Only - no internet connection when opening Agrimaster:

Iyou login to File Manager whilst not connected to the internet, the following will occur: 

  1. You only will be presented with field to enter your user number.
  2. A notification will appear "Your internet is not connected. Files can only be accessed in Read-Only mode any changes will not be backed up." 
  3. You will only be able to see the list of files owned by you and the file status will show as Local
  4. If you attempt to open fileit will only open in Read Only mode.  Any changes made to the file will not be saved to File Manager. 

Note: if you have files shared to you by other Usersyou will be unable to see the shared files.  This is due to you not owning the file and having no internet connection.

3. Read Only Subscription - A file that has been licensed as Read Only: 

A Read Only subscription allows you to have access to a file as view only. 

How can you licence a Read Only File? 

  1. All customers that have a current Agrimaster Standard or Agrimaster-Plus subscription can licence files as Read Only – these files usually contain historical data that they may want to reference. There is no limit on the number of Read Only files a paid subscriber can have. 
  2. Customers that are no longer paid subscriberbut want to access their historical data in view only mode can licence each file individually at $220 per file/per annum. 
    Note: Customers that do not have a paid Agrimaster Standard or Agrimaster-Plus subscription will not have access to Customer Support for their Read Only files. 

What can I do in a Read Only file? 

You can:   You cannot: 
  • View historical data in the Read Only file based on the subscription type when it became unpaid 
  • Generate and preview reports only 
  • PDF reports 
  • Print reports
  • Import data from another file 
  • Export data to excel, accounting software or other Agrimaster files 
  • Add data 
  • Delete data 
  • Edit data 
  • Back-up data to another source 
  • Make ABN changes
  • Have access to file history 

Note:  Customers that license a file as Read Only will not have access to file history.

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