Agrimaster Service Is Currently Unavailable

This help article applies to when a computer has been shut down and upon restarting the Agrimaster service is not available.
If your computer shut down while an Agrimaster file is open, e.g:
  • a Windows update occurred;
  • an error occurred in Agrimaster and you were required to close Agrimaster with Task Manager;
  • you lost power and your internet connection;
When you open File Manager, you may see a message saying
"The Agrimaster Service is currently not available, Retrying in..."


After the computer is restarted, you may have opened File Manager too quickly prior to the loading of the operating system. Please be patient. Your computer needs time to start all the services it needs to fully reboot. Depending on the age of the computer this may take up to 10 minutes. Agrimaster will refresh and try to load in intervals until the Agrimaster Service starts running.

If this message occurs for more than 10 minutes, contact Customer Support.

Once the service has started running, you may be directed to the Offline Login screen.


You will need to wait for your internet to connect. If you choose to work offline, any changes made WILL NOT be backed up.

Once you get to the login screen, enter your user number and password to access File Manager.

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    Noel Mills

    It keeps asking me to login