Assign A Licence

  1. To open Agrimaster, double click on the icon on your desktop.
  2. Log in to File Manager.
    • If you have forgotten your passwords, click on Forgot Password to reset. 
  3. After updating to 6.5.0, launching File Manager will take some time as Agrimaster is initialising in the background. Whilst this is occurring, the loading icon will appear on the screen.
  4. In File Manager, a list of Agrimaster files will now appear.
  5. If a file does not auto-match to an existing Agrimaster licence, it will appear as locked and unlicensed. 
  6. Click on the Learn More icon.
  7. You are now required to review and assign a licence to the file.
    • This is a once-off action, be sure to link the correct file to the licence. You can only assign a licence once, ensure you are assigning the correct licence to the correct file.
    • If you choose to assign a file as Read Only, this cannot be undone.
  8. Select the licence to link the file to, click Assign.
    • Whilst this is occurring, you will be unable to open/use the file.
  9. Once the file has been linked, the following message will appear.
  10. Click Close. 
    • After clicking close, if you attempt to open the file, the below-mentioned screen will appear. This may take up to an hour to link the subscription to the file. blobid8.png
  11. Repeat this process for all files that require a licence, including historical files that you would like as a Read Only subscription. 


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