What Is ASIC Documentation?

What is ASIC? 

Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) is an independent Australian government body that acts as Australia's corporate regulator. 

ASIC documents are any documents that have been lodged with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.
When you register your business name or a new company, or if you have ever renewed or transferred the name, you would have done this through ASIC. 

What are ASIC documents? 

The documents may be:

  • 'Record of Registration of Business Name' from ASIC 
  • Business name renewal or transfer from ASIC 
  • Business name renewal or transfer invoice from ASIC
  • 'Current Company Extract' from ASIC
  • 'Annual Company Statement' from ASIC  

Why do we need it? 

ASIC documents provide confirmation of the business directorship. They are a safe and secure way to ensure the file you are licensing as an additional business has the required amount of directorship in common with your main file and is setup with all the correct details (i.e. confirmed Business Tax Entity Name). 

Confirming common directorship allows us to provide you with additional subscriptions under one user number to keep them all together, and as such provide additional subscriptions at a discount to you.

What does it look like? 

The documents listed above will be official 'ASIC' documents, with ASIC written or stamped on them.

Where can I find it? 

If you do not have your ASIC documents, check with your Accountant or Advisor. They may have a copy. Alternatively, you can use the ASIC search engine to look up your business and extract one of the documents listed above. 

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