Configuration Of JobKeeper Payments In Agrimaster

As the Jobkeeper payments are set up as a taxable and non-taxable allowance within Wagemaster, you will need to code them in Agrimaster for them to appear in the reports correctly.

Setup Employee Allowances

This is an ongoing process that is required in the initial setup of Wagemaster, each time a new employee allowance is added or edited in Wagemaster or when the coding for the Allowance in Agrimaster requires a change. This ensures your automatic coding in Agrimaster upon import from Wagemaster is correct.

  1. Start at the Home Page.

  2. Click on Setup & Tools.
  3. Click on Import Export Data. 
  4. Click on Import From Wagemaster. 
  5. Click on the Allowances tab. 
  6. To set up the correct Code, Allocation, and Enterprise for each Allowance, simply click on the drop-down arrows as shown in the picture below:

    Please Note: If the Allowance is taxable and requires to be reported on the W1 or W2 sections of the BAS, ensure the correct codes and allocations are applied.  The Enterprise does not affect the W1 or W2.  

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