Adding Notes To Files

File Manager allows users to Add Notes to file revisions. This will allow you to describe or track changes made to a file.

The note and its contents are visible to all users who have access to the file.

  1. To add a revision note, navigate to the correct date from the file history, click on the drop down arrow and select, Add Note
  2. A pop up will now appear. Enter the description for the note, click on Save. You are able to enter 150 characters of any type. 
  3. The note icon appears in the revision history. By hovering the mouse over the Note it will display its content. 
    MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png
  4. To edit a note, navigate to the file revision in the File history panel. Click on the drop down menu and select Edit Note. Once the changes have been made, select Save
  5. To delete a notenavigate to file revision in the File history panel, click on Edit Note. Hi-light and delete the description, select Save.

NOTE: Only the User who originally adds a note, has the ability to edit or delete the note in question.

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