Restoring A Version Of The Original Budget In File Manager


Sometimes a client may accidentally overwrite or delete the original budget making it hard for you to do an accurate budget to actual comparison report or understand your baseline at the beginning of the year.

This assumes you have completed and imported a copy of the clients budget onto their main file as per instructions here.


Keeping track of changes for later: 

To be able to restore a version of the original budget back to the latest file, you should know the file revision that had the initial import.

Adding a Note to the revision you worked in the past will help identify it for future use. Instructions on how to Add a Note is here.

  1. After importing or editing the finished budget.
  2. Add a note to the file revision history e.g. Baseline Budget - Date. 

How to Restore file at a later date

  1. Scroll through the file history in File Manager to the month you saved the file e.g. February.
  2. Hover over the note icon to identify the correct file version and find the revision with comment Baseline Budget - Date.
  3. Open the revision as Read-Only from the revision context drop-down menu.
  4. In Agrimaster use the Copy File Anywhere function to save the file to a temporary location.
  5. Open current revision of the file in Edit mode.
  6. Import the budget into the file as per instructions here
  7. Note: when asked to Select source drive and folder. Browse for and select your saved file in the temporary location
  8. Close the file and add a note for reference later. 
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