Moving A File From One User Number To Another

Example scenarios where this may be relevant (but are not limited to) are:

  • If you are an advisor and you want to move a file from your user number to a customer's user number.
  • If you purchased a Community Group subscription and you want to move the file from a personal subscription to the Community Group subscription.
  • If you have two user numbers for two subscriptions, one company expires and you would like to move the expired company file to your existing user number and assign Read-Only access.

The below instructions explain how to move a file from one user number to another user number.

  1. In File Manager log out of your user number.

  2. Log into the other user number you want to move the file to. 

  3. If this is a brand new user number you will need to generate a new password.
    Click "Forgot Your Password". This will email a temporary password to your email address.
    Once you login with your new password you will need to change your password.

  4. Locate the relevant file under C:\Users\Public\Agrimaster\work or wherever you store the file.

  5. Copy the Agrimaster file from its original location into
    C:\Users\Public\Agrimaster\work\User Number
    (NOTE: if a folder for the new user number doesn't exist, create one).

  6. The file will appear in File Manager with a Local status. 

  7. You will need to assign a licence to the file.

  8. The file will upload in File Manager under this new user number. 
    Once it has finished uploading, you open or share the file with any other users who require access.

  9. You will now have 2 user numbers:
    • your old Professional Partner user number which you will use to manage your client's files, and your new Free Firm user number for your firm's own personal bookkeeping purposes.
    • your old personal user number which you will use to manage your own files, and your community group user number which you will use to manage your community group finances.
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