Reconcile Wages Tax In Wagemaster And Agrimaster for EOFY

This article is for reconciling wages and tax as part of the end of the financial year process.

At the end of each BAS period and at the end of a financial year, the recommended practise is to check that your Wagemaster wages and tax report totals match those in your Agrimaster Tax Reports. 

This report should be run to ensure that the wages recorded and paid in Wagemaster match the wages recorded & paid in your Agrimaster cashbook software.

To cross-check that the wages tax withheld for each period reconciles with Agrimaster, you will need to run a payment summary report in Wagemaster as well as Agrimaster.

Generate the Payment Summary Report from Wagemaster

  1. Select the Reports option
  2. Select Payment Summary, click on Current Pay Period/ Month To Date/ Year to Date (choose the appropriate reporting period for your company) 
  3. Enter the date range you for the report. Ensure you select the relevant dates as required and click Refresh. 
    • From field: Always choose the first pay period ending (PPE)
    • To field: Enter the last pay period ending (PPE) date
    • Or, you can use the Year To Date (Financial) option if you are doing the whole financial year
    • The Last Quarter can also be useful if you are doing a BAS period Check  
  4. Compare the figures on the Payment Summary Report with those on the Wages Tax Deducted report from Agrimaster. They should reconcile against each other. 

Generate the Wages Tax Deductions Report from Agrimaster

To run the Wages Tax Deductions Report from Agrimaster, follow instructions in this article.

Complete the Wages Tax Reconciliation Process

  1. Compare both reports and check that they reconcile. If adjustments are required, do so and re‐run reports.
  2. Complete the PAYGW online through the ATO Business Portal, then print out a copy of the PAYGW for our records
  3. Once the current cashbook month is reconciled and closed off, close off the current wages tax period and create the automatic payment to the ATO

For instructions on closing the wages tax period, click here



To print the gross totals for Wages and Tax deducted report in Agrimaster:

  1. Start at the Home Page mceclip1.png
  2. Click on Cashbook mceclip0.png
  3. Click on Report mceclip2.png
  4. Click on Tax Reports mceclip3.png
  5. Click on Wages Tax Deductions (Details) mceclip4.png
  6. Click Tick mceclip5.png
  7. Reconcile and compare the Wage Tax Deduction report in Agrimaster with the Payment Summary report from Wagemaster (choose the appropriate reporting period: Month to Date/Quarter to Date/Year to Date or selected date range).

NOTE: The totals shown in the picture above, is what will be reported in W1 and W2 for your BAS in
Agrimaster. The figures should reconcile with what has been reported via Wagemaster’s STP Portal.

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