What's New In Agrimaster's V 6.5.0

Agrimaster 6.5.0 brings lots of new and exciting changes and sets the foundation for exciting new product features.

The product improvements in Release 6.5.0 include:

1. Automatic Background Updates:

Release 6.5.0 will be your last ever manual update. The process of manually updating the current software will now be completely automatic and no longer requires any user interaction. 

The updates are now handled by the Agrimaster service running in the background. The service detects the availability of a new version and downloads the update when the internet is available. 

The update is applied when there are no instances of Agrimaster or File Manager running. The download and update process is randomly timed and will not happen at the same time for all users. So the majority of users can expect their software to update within 24-hrs of the release.

For all the current users on any version of Agrimaster, the auto-update popup will upgrade the users to version 6.5.0.

The update process will first uninstall the version of Agrimaster that is currently on your computer and then install Agrimaster 6.5.0.

This process will require changes to the share components and registry and the user should grant permission for this. Select "Yes To All".

2. New Login Screen For File Manager: 

From Release 6.5.0 the look and feel and user experience of File Manager has been refreshed considerably. 

When accessing Agrimaster using the desktop icon, you will be taken to a new login page.

You need to login using the Agrimaster User Number and Password before you are taken to the Files list.


3. New Review & Assign License In File Manager: 

Once you are logged in you can navigate to the File Manager Files list where the files for your business are listed.

The licenses for all the business files in your File Manager are verified against the subscription details Agrimaster holds for your business and any non-matched businesses are locked out. 

If you need access to the locked business files, you can purchase a valid subscription or addon subscription for the business through the shop.

In cases where you have a valid subscription but the business details on the file do not match business details in the subscription, you can review and assign the license to the business file manually.

Click on the Learn More button and Link the business to the license. 


4. New Look For Files List In File Manager: 

Refresh the page to see the business file unlocked and ready to use.

The look, feel and user experience in File Manager has changed and is now more intuitive.

The File Name is the Business Name in the license and the Created By is the Account Holder of the subscription against the license. 

The file status is the sync status of the file on the computer with the Agrimaster server.

  • Backed Up - The latest version of the file is backed up to the Agrimaster server.
  • Uploading - The latest revision from the computer is getting uploaded to the Agrimaster server.
  • Downloading - The latest revision from the Agrimaster server is getting downloaded to the computer.
  • Processing - The latest revision downloaded on to the computer is being extracted and made ready for use by Agrimaster.
  • Local - This is a local file and Agrimaster does not hold any versions of it on the server and no license details for it. 
  • Sync Error - Error when uploading or downloading the file from or to the Agrimaster server.
  • Locked - Agrimaster has detected this file as not having any matching license or subscription details under the logged-in user account. Purchase subscription or add-on to access the file.

The shared status is the indication of whether the file is shared with anyone and with what permissions. 

  • Not Shared - The file is not shared with any user.
  • Shared for Edit - Shared with the logged-in user with view and edit permission.
  • Shared for View - Shared with the logged-in user with view and permission. 


5. New Opening Agrimaster Files: 

In this version, when opening Agrimaster files they now launch from an internet browser. The recommended internet browsers are Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Each time the Agrimaster file launches, the user will get a security message. For example in Microsoft Edge it will say:

"This site is trying to open Agrimaster.Launcher." 

By clicking on Open the launcher opens the file in Agrimaster. 


6. File Manager New Look: 

The 'Notification Panel' and 'File Details' section has a new look and feel. 
Watch the video to learn more.


7. Changes To Agrimaster:

The Agrimaster software has undergone a cleanup to remove menu options and settings that are old and no longer relevant.

From Agrimaster home, the File Menu is removed.

You will not be able to create a new file or open file from within Agrimaster anymore. All file related functions must go through File Manager. 

Where the codes list needs to be imported into a new file or to import codes list from another file (previously done on Create New File from File Menu), this can now be done from:

Setup > Cashbook Setup > Import. 

Access to Wagemaster from within Agrimaster is no longer possible. All Wagemaster file access is now through File Manager only.

The Agrimaster file Settings options have been refined. 

Outdated options from Online Banking have been removed. 


8. Password Change Made More Secure: 

A password change has been made more secure with a minimum set of character validations and prompts about how weak or strong the new password is and suggestions for improvement. 


9. New Installer: 

A new installer is now available.

On completion of the installation, you can access File Manager through the desktop icon and log in with your User Number and Password.

This installer removes the necessity to follow the double installation process previously available (Install Base Installer and update to the latest version). You will not be asked to register the software as part of the installation process. 


10. Accessing Agrimaster Files Through File Explorer: 

You will no longer be able to access the Agrimaster files through File Explorer. 


11. Basic File Manager Functions Remain The Same: 

The basic functions in File Manager remain the same and there are no changes in any of the below: 

  • File Details 
  • File History 
  • File In Use indications 
  • Sharing a File 
  • Managing a File Share 
  • Open File as Read Only 
  • Restore the Previous Version 
  • Open Previous Revisions as Read Only 



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