Open a File as Read Only

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File Manager allows users to open files in Read Only mode.

If you chose to open a file in Read Only mode, a prompt will show to indicates you are about to open a file in Read Only mode,

In Read Only mode, you can view data and run reports in Agrimaster as per normal. But, any changes made to the file will NOT be saved.

This feature can be accessed in the File Details screen via Open file. Open file provides a drop-down arrow with two options:

  1. Open file - Edit (this feature allows users to add or edit data to the file)

  2. Open file - Read Only (this feature allows users to view data only, any changes made will NOT save)

The default option in File Manager is Open file, which allows you to open the file to edit. If the file is already open elsewhere, the system automatically opens the file as Read Only. 

Prior to the file opening, the Open file - Read Only prompt will ask you to confirm by clicking in the checkbox “I understand and wish to Proceed”. Now click on the blue button, Open- Read Only.

When you open a file from File Manager using the Open file – Read Only mode, the Agrimaster file will also indicate that the file is open with ”READ ONLY FILE” written in bold red text in all main menu screens. 

Please note:
  • Other Users who have access to the file, will not see any indications that the file is opened by you in Read Only mode. Therefore, they can continue as usual and work on the file.
  • Even if another user has uploaded a newer version of the file, the Read Only version you have open will not be updated.
  • Upon closing the Read Only file, no record is added on to the File Manager history.
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