JobKeeper Payment: Employee is Currently Stood Down

There are significant rules pertaining to this scenario, so the Employer must confirm first what is required.

1) If the employee was stood down after 1 March 2020, the employer will be able to claim the JobKeeper Payment on the employee’s behalf if they both meet the eligibility criteria including that the employer starts paying the employee a minimum of $1,500 (before tax) per fortnight.

2) If the employee was terminated after 1 March 2020, the employer may choose to re-engage the employee and claim the JobKeeper Payment on employee’s behalf if both the parties meet the eligibility criteria.

3) If the employee has taken up other work after being stood down, he may earn additional income without his eligible employer’s JobKeeper Payment being affected. As long as the employee is eligible and maintain his employment (including being stood down) with his JobKeeper-eligible employer (including receiving $1,500 (before tax) per fortnight from them). However, the employee can only nominate one employer to receive the JobKeeper Payment from.

For an employee who is/was Stood Down, the requirement is for leave to still accrue as normal as if they were still working.


Step 1.

Create the allowances from Scenario 1, Step 1(JOBKEEPER-START-FN01)  and Scenario 2, Step 1 (JOBKEEPER-TOPUP)

Note: Super is not calculated and Payable on this allowance (JOBKEEPER-TOPUP) unless it is a voluntary decision of an employer.


Step 2.

Attach the allowance created to the eligible employee.  

  • Go to Employee Details by clicking on 'Employee'.
  • Select the employee from the drop-down box >Click on Payments > Select Allowance > Select Add. 
  • You will see the wizard as below. Select JOBKEEPER-TOPUP, tick the Override Default Amount and enter the $1500 you would like to pay to this employee and click on close to save it.



Step 3.

Process Wages

  • In Wages, select an employee and clear any Timesheet information on the Timesheet screen > click Next. 
  • Select allowances on the left and attach the JOBKEEPER-START-FN01 allowance by clicking on Add> Select the allowance from the drop-down box and click Ok and once entries are completed on the Adjustments screen click Next to view the payslip and SAVE and complete the import and reporting step as normal.

 Note: JOBKEEPER-START-FNxx Allowance.  This needs to be done for the first pay run only.




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