JobKeeper Payment: Employee Currently Earns Under $1500 a Fortnight

When your employee earns less than $1500 a fortnight you pay the employee as normal and then pay the remainder up to the JobKeeper amount as a 'Top-Up'. The business can decide to pay superannuation on the top-up amount if they wish but it is not a requirement.

The ATO has very strict rules around how the allowance needs to be reported through STP. So, the below setup needs to be followed.

 Note: The example is paid on a fortnight frequency and does not include superannuation on the JobKeeper Top-up. The start and finish allowance needs to be included once for the applicable dates.


Step 1. Create a new allowance with Description JOBKEEPER-TOPUP. Allowance for those eligible employees who are getting a top-up:

  • Click on Setup >Click on Allowances > Select ADD > Next when you are on the Welcome to the Allowance Wizard screen.
  • The Allowance Type will be Standard Allowance > Click Next.
  • Add Description = (Type the description exactly) JOBKEEPER-TOPUP.  Type = Addition.  Frequency = Each Pay
  • Ensure that the 'Taxed box' is ticked, and the 'Include in Super Calculation' is not ticked > Click Next.
  • On the ATO Payment Summary screen, tick the Show on ATO Payment Summary box and Show as an Allowance; also tick the Report in STP box and ATO Type OTHER.
  • Click Next and Next again to get to the FINISH button.

Step 2. Attach the allowance created to the eligible employee.  

  • Go to Employee Details by clicking on Employee mceclip2.png
  • Select the Employee from the drop-down box >Click on Payments > Select Allowance > Select Add. 
  • You will see the wizard as below. Select JOBKEEPER-TOPUP, tick the Override Default Amount and enter the amount you would like to pay to this employee and click on close to save it.

Step 3. Process Wages as normal by entering Start time and Finish time on the timesheet and Click Next

  • Select allowances on the left and attach the allowance by clicking on Add> Select the Allowance from the drop-down box and click Ok.
  • Once entries are completed on the Adjustments screen click Next to view the payslip and Save and complete the import and reporting step as normal.

Note: JOBKEEPER-START-FNxx Allowance.  This needs to be done for the first pay run only.




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