Setup Farm Codes

Agrimaster gives you the ability to report on a “per Farm” basis as well as by enterprise and allocations.  

Agrimaster has a six-tiered coding system (codes, enterprises, allocations, farm codes, quantities, and descriptions). This level of coding provides farmers greater flexibility for detailed cashbook reporting (Stacked Report) and business management purposes.  Farm Codes provides a level of current and historical reporting which is essential when making key budgeting decisions. 

How to Activate Farm codes 

  1. Farm codes are setup from the transactions screen. To access the Farm code setup, hit F8 whilst in a transaction. 

    The default name of this reporting field is “farm code” - you can rename this field to something more meaningful. The length if this field name is limited to 20 characters.

  2. To rename this field type the name you want to appear as the Field name in the box.
  3. Make sure you tick the "Show Field' box. then click the green tick. mceclip2.png

How to set up your Farm codes

  1. To create your Farm names enter a transaction as normal and type the name you want in the new box and finish the transaction or split line as normal.

    Note: When you enter a farm code ensure it is spelt correctly as it is a little tricky to edit these afterwards.

Once you have set up all your codes these will be available to use in all areas of the program including reports.

How to report by Farm Code

Once you have added transactions using Farm Codes you can create Stacked Reports using these codes. (The Stacked Report is the only report that uses Farm Codes) You cannot search on Farm Code in “Find and Edit.”

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