Employee No Longer Eligible for JobKeeper Payment

IMPORTANT: As with the JobKeeper Start Fortnight, the ATO must be informed when the employee is no longer eligible for the JobKeeper payment. The ineligibility may be due to:

  • Workers’ compensation absence
  • Cessation of employment
  • Change of citizenship, visa, personal circumstances
  • The ATO must be informed of the fortnight from which the JobKeeper payment no longer applies. The JobKeeper Finish Fortnight should be reported in the final fortnight that the employee receives the JOBKEEPER-TOP-UP Allowance.

Please Note this code only needs to be setup and used when an employee is terminated or goes on workers compensation as they can only be paid for Jobkeeper or Jobseeker or Workers Compensation and not both.

Step 1.

Create a new allowance with the description as shown in the ATO table above JOBKEEPER-FINISH-FN10: (For our example, we are assuming that the eligible employee will cease in Fortnight10 pay date 06/08/2020). Please create additional Allowances if you have the need to cease other employees' payments and follow ATO FN number as per the table above.

  • Go to Setup > Click on Allowances > Select ADD > Click on Next when you are on the Welcome to the Allowance Wizard screen.
  • The Allowance Type will be Standard Allowance > Click Next.
  • Type Description = (Type the description exactly) JOBKEEPER-FINISH-FN10. Type = Addition.  Frequency = Each Pay.  Amount = enter 1 cent
  • Ensure that the 'Taxed' box is not ticked, and the 'Include in Super Calculation' is not ticked > Click Next.

  • On the ATO Payment Summary screen, tick the Show on ATO Payment Summary box and Show As Allowance; also tick the Report in STP box and ATO Type OTHER.
  • Click Next and Next again to get to the FINISH button.


Step 2:

Process Wages through timesheet and Click Next to select allowances. Once entries are completed on the Adjustments screen Click Next to view the payslip and SAVE and complete the import and reporting step as normal.

In case of hours through timesheet:



In case of JobKeeper Topup Payment:




Leave Accruals:

All employees should accrue leave on the hours they would ordinarily work. If you have employees on Awards with hourly leave accruals, it is advisable to create a new award with Yearly leave accruals. Leave with Yearly accrual rates accrue leave on a daily basis, even without any pays (timesheets) processed.

It is best practice to create a NEW AWARD by copying over the current award, making the changes to the newly created award and employees moved to this new Award.

CAUTION: When you move an employee to this newly created award, the award date is very important.  If you pay your employees in arrears, please use TOMORROW'S date (the day following the day you are doing the change).  If you pay your employees in advance, the date to use would be the start date of the next PPE.

NOTE: If the leave Calculation Method is HOURLY and you want the leave to accrue even though the employee is not working, change the accrual method to YEARLY and in the accrual rate change to the number of hours you want this employee to accrue per year, i.e. if the employee works 25 hours per week and they get 4 weeks per year, the accrual rate will be 100.0000.  You might need different Awards to cater for multiple Part-Time scenarios.

NOTE: If you have already started paying employees JobKeeper Payments:

The allowances should be created as detailed in this article and a Supplementary Pay Slip must be used to reverse the payments out of the 'incorrect' payment items (Allowances) and moved to the correct payment items.  Also, remember the JOBKEEPER-START-FN01 Allowance.


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