JobKeeper Payment: Employee earns more than $1500 per fortnight

When your employee earns $1500 or more a fortnight you pay the employee as normal. The JobKeeper Payment supports by subsiding all or part of the wage you are paying. The start and finish allowance need to be included once, for the applicable dates.

STEP 1. 

Create a new allowance with Description exactly as shown JOBKEEPER-START-FN01 
All letters capital and codes to be selected as listed in the Table: Requirements in Allowance Set up
Table available here

We will assume that all our eligible employees receive the JobKeeper subsidy from 30/03/2020.  Therefore, in this example, we will create one allowance for ATO Fortnight01.  (If any employees receive the subsidy later, please create an allowance with the correct ATO FN number as per the table).

  • Click on Setup > Click on Allowances > Select ADD > Next when you are on the Welcome to the Allowance Wizard screen.
  • The Allowance Type will be Standard Allowance > Click Next.
  • Add Description = (Type the description exactly) JOBKEEPER-START-FN01.  Type = addition.  Frequency = Each Pay.  Amount = enter 1 cent (This is to make the allowance work for STP portal and needs to have an amount). 
  • Ensure that the 'Taxed' box is not ticked, and the 'Include in Super Calculation' is not ticked > Click Next.

    See image below:
  • On the ATO Payment Summary screen, Tick the Show on ATO Payment Summary box and Show as an Allowance; also tick the Report in STP box and ATO Type OTHER.




Process Wages
as normal by entering Start time and Finish time on the timesheet and Click Next.

  • Select allowances on the left and attach the allowance by clicking on Add> Select the allowance from the drop-down box and click Ok and once entries are completed on the Adjustments screen click Next to view the payslip and SAVE and complete the import and reporting step as normal.

Note: JOBKEEPER-START-FNxx Allowance. This needs to be done for the first pay run only.






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