De-activate the Wagemaster manual back-up prompts

You can back up your Wagemaster company file via two methods:

  1. File Manager enables you to open, share, restore and back up both Wagemaster and Agrimaster files.  For your data to automatically back up, ensure you are always logged into File Manager and the internet. Your files will then automatically backup upon closing each program.
  2. Wagemaster when closing your Wagemaster Company file, the program will prompt you each time to manually back up to an option of your own choice, I.e. Computer Hard Drive, Thumb Drive.

If you wish to de-activate the Wagemaster manual back-up prompts, complete the steps below:

  1. From the Wagemaster main menu, click on File. 
  2. Click on Backup/Restore. 
  3. Click on Settings. 
  4. De-select in the Prompt for Backup fields:
    • On Closing Company Database
    • Before EFT Banking
  5. Click Yes to confirm the changes. 


Please Note: Once this change is made, it will be effective for all your Wagemaster files you back up.

Now that you have setup to use File Manager as your default back up option, it is recommended to back up your Wagemaster Company file at the following stages:

  1. Prior to installing a Wagemaster software update.
  2. Once your pay run is finalised and prior to creating the EFT file in Wagemaster to commence the STP event.
  3. After you finalised your STP reporting to the ATO for the pay period.
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