Re-Saving Current Budget

This article is for users who have made changes in their budget. For example, they have miscoded a budget entry and realised it only after this item was entered into their cashbook. To run the Budget to Cashbook Comparison Report after this scenario has occurred, you need to make sure you are comparing the updated budget to the cashbook. To do this, you need to re-save the current budget. 


  1. From the Home Page, click Budget.
  2. Choose Full Budget.
  3. Open Budget.
  4. Choose a budget from the list by clicking on it.


  5. The Budget window opens. Click Current Budget.
  6. Click on the green tick.
  7. To close the current budget window, click the X or press the Escape (Esc) key to close the screen. Click the black X again to exit from the main budget window. 


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