What's New In Wagemaster

This is an important and mandatory release for all customers as it contains important compliance changes:

  • for Long Service Leave entitlement
  • enhancement to the Award Interpreter for Modern Award configuration

As well as these important changes, this release also includes:

  • changes and improvements for STP reporting
  • changes to reporting of Lump Sum Payments

1. Long Service Leave entitlement

Long Service leave and continuity of service when Leave Without Pay is processed.
A new option has been added to Long Service leave entitlement to stop the payment of Leave
Without Pay breaking the continuity of service for leave entitlement period.


2. Enhancement to the Award Interpreter for Modern Award configuration

Award Interpretation – ability to meet all FairWork Modern Award Ordinary Hours requirements
in a single Award configuration.

Normal hours option has been added to Block Times Awards allowing for the setup of a
maximum number of normal hours within a spread of hours.


As well as these important changes, this release also includes:

1. Changes and improvements for STP reporting.

a. STP Pay and Update Event reports – change in these report’s orientation from portrait to landscape for ease of reading.


b. Updated warning message when selecting to change an Employee Number.

As a crucial piece of information in STP reporting, it is important to warn users of issues that
may arise in data sent via STP reporting, likely duplication of payments in employee myGov
accounts, when changing an Employee Number during a financial year. We have expanded our
warning messaging around this and provided additional guidance.


c. STP reporting uses Company Name.

While it is a company’s ABN that is critical in STP reporting, Company Name rather than
Trading Name should be used when STP reporting.


Fix to STP Pay Event reporting when pay period description includes spaces
Previously, having a space at the end of a pay period description, resulted in ‘Report to ATO’
option in STP Pay Event reporting being unavailable. This has been remedied.


2. Changes to reporting of Lump Sum Payment

Fix to reporting of Lump Sum Payments in - Department>Lump Sum Payment report.
Fix to the report to ensure reporting of Lump Sum payments continues even in instances when
an employee has had a change to their default department.


- Payslip>Summary report
Fix to ensure details of Lump Sum Payments previously missing from this report are now shown


- Payslip reporting of Allowances and Lump Sum Payments under correct headings.
Payslip now correctly shows adjustment payments under correct headings of:

• Additions/Deductions
• Lump Sum Payments
• Workcover

(Instead of all under Lump Sum Payments). 


 3. Security enhancements for the Report Designer  

As a result of security testing, we have made changes to enhance security to users when
accessing the Report Designer. These changes are aimed at limiting database access to the
Report Designer and reports to read-only; and exclude the ability to report encrypted data.

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