Run Payment Summary Reports In Wagemaster

This article is for users who need to process Payment Summary Reports for Single Touch Payroll reporting. 

  1. Generate payrun in Wagemaster.
  2. Generate a Payment Summary Report in Wagemaster by:
    • Clicking on Reports.
    • Click on Payment Summary.
    • Click on the Current Pay Period to generate a report for the current PPE to reconcile.
  3. Import the PPE into Agrimaster as per your usual process. Ensure the payroll imported reconciles to the Wagemaster Payment Summary Report for the current PPE.

Please Note

  1. If the PPE and EFT Payment dates differ or fall into different months, the reporting in W1 and W2 in BAS reporting will be affected.
  2. Ensure the Cheques/EFT date is the same as the payment date in Wagemaster (remember, the payment date in Agrimaster must be the same as the date to process the EFT file in Wagemaster.  This must not be amended in transactions after imported into Agrimaster).
  3. Prior to commencing the STP reporting process, if you did not back up your Wagemaster company file after creating your payroll, we recommend backup now. To do this, ensure you are logged in to File Manager.
  4. Close your Wagemaster company file and File Manager will back up the file automatically.
  5. In Wagemaster, follow the STP Process for reporting and ensure to reconcile with the Payment Summary Report generated for the current PPE above.
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