Run Superannuation Reports in Wagemaster

To run the superannuation report in Wagemaster/WageEasy for the period:

  1. From the home pageselect Reports, click on Superannuation then on Year to Date.


  2. The WageEasy Report Viewer screen will be displayed.

    • From date field: Select the first PPE date.
    • To date field: Select the last PPE date in the period.
    • The date range will not be from the beginning of one month or quarter to the end but should cover all the PPE dates within the reportable period. Ensure you select the relevant dates as required.
      • Please Note: You may need to click on the Refresh button to display the data on the report if you change the default dates. 
  3. If you are processing your quarterly superannuation, print out the payslips for the last pay period to include the superannuation payments for the last 3 months. This option is available through the Wagemaster menu option by clicking on Reports > Pay Slips > Print Wizard. 
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