Repairing Suspense Codes in Full Budgets

After you have created your budget you should check the Suspense Receipts and Suspense Payments codes for any items that have not been correctly coded when creating worksheets. 

  1. Choose the ‘Suspense Receipts’ and/or ‘Suspense Payments’ code from the code list on the right-hand side
  2. Click on one of the blue values in the yellow column. This will display a list of the worksheets with the un-coded values within. It will also display the value of each un-coded receipt and/or payment.

  3. To be taken directly to the required worksheet to fix the un-coded receipts and payments, click on the line concerned 

  4. Click Yes
  5. Find the cell in which the code shows Suspense Receipts (or Suspense Payments) 
  6. Click F5 and select the correct code
  7. Once you have fixed the error in the worksheet, ensure you save the worksheet by clicking the Green Tick mceclip2.pngTo return to the budget, Black Cross mceclip3.png and choose Yes when prompted to save any changes
  8. When you return to the full budget a message box will ask you to recalculate to allow for the changes you have made; choose Yes and repeat the process until all missing codes have been repaired in both 'Suspense Receipts' and 'Suspense Payments'. 
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