Sales Worksheet


The data from the Sell Number has automatically transferred from the Stock Reconciliation worksheet. All that is required here is to break down the data into prices and durations. 

  1. Click the first Sales worksheet.
  2. Click and complete data in Sale#1No, press enter.
  3. Complete data in Return Per Head, press enter.
  4. When in the Month field, press F5 or Months icon, choose the Distribute Period, Month, Receipt Code, Bank Account, click the green tick to save data.  
  5.  Repeat this sequence along the same line if purchases are staggered throughout the year (ensure all Sales 1, 2 & 3 add up to the total transferred from the Stock Reconciliation).
  6. Click the green tick to save the data in the Sales Worksheet and now progress to the Wool Sales Worksheet. 

Enter A Mix Of Cost Codes Or Bank Accounts

The default setting for the Month F5 is to book all purchases or all sales to the same Cashbook Code and same Bank Account. For example, use different Month data to: 

  • Separate Sheep Income Codes for export sales and local sales.
  • Distribute lamb sales over equal months differently than the sales of 4 Yr Ewes in a single month.
    • Same Month, Code and Bank Account in each line.
    • Different Month, Code or Bank Account in some line.

Switch To Different Code For Each Line 

  1. Go to the top right side of the worksheet.
  2. Click on Change to Difference code for each line.
  3. At the Change Distribution Message window, click Yes.
  4. Click into a box in the Month F5 column.
  5. Press F5and select the following:
    • Distribute – choose Any (single months) or an equal pattern of sales
    • First Month – click on the required Month.
    • Select Code – look under Sheep Income and choose the appropriate code.
    • Select Bank – click on the Bank Account.
  6. Click on the green tick and note the Month and Code.
  7. Enter the remaining data into the worksheet.
  8. After all data is entered, click on the green tick to save the worksheets.
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