Gross Margins and Input List Reports

Once all data has been entered into the worksheets you can view and print reports to check that your figures are realistic. 

To Generate Gross Margins Or Input List Reports

  1. Click the Reports button in the worksheet screen toolbar. A warning that only saved data will be included in the worksheet will show, click Yes to save data.
  2. A screen will now appear. In the left-hand panel click on the relevant Enterprise Worksheet to report, select the Report Type i.e. Crop by type or Crop by Paddock (for Gross Margins or Input List).
  3. Click the green tick to display the margin analysis.
  4. Click the printer icon to print the report.
  5. Click the black cross to close the window.
  6. Once you have completed all Fixed Costs Worksheets you will also be able to print reports.

Example Of A Livestock Report

Example Of An Input List Report 


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