Full Budget Icons Overview

mceclip1.png Clicking this button or pressing F10, will save your data. Do this every few minutes or so and prior to closing your Budget or Worksheet.

mceclip2.pngOnce you have entered information into a cell, hit either of these keys in a later line in the same column and the information will be repeated. You can also right-click your mouse to copy the line above.

mceclip3.png This button allows you to close a window. The lack of outlined box indicates other windows can be opened via drop down menus, without closing the one currently displayed.

mceclip4.png To move or re-arrange items in the Worksheets, click the number row, which will highlight the data. Now click the arrow to choose the direction you wish to move. 

mceclip5.png This allows you to edit or add a Code whilst entering a Budget.

mceclip6.png This allows you to insert the Opening Bank Balance. The interest rates set will then take effect.

mceclip7.png This allows you to set up interest rates for Accounts, directing it to Receipts or Payments in the Full Budget.

mceclip8.png Once Bank account data has been added to the Full Budget this will calculate debit or credit interest on the indicative figures given. It must be activated to ON for it work effectively.

 mceclip9.png This is used to enter a year total to be divided into the 12 months. Click in any cell of the row for which the total is to be entered. Click the icon or press F9. Now enter the year total and press enter.  NOTE: You cannot use this tool where worksheets have been used for a specific code.

mceclip10.png This allows you to export data to a Quick Budget, to save time and where only one Bank Account is required.

mceclip11.png This allows you to import data from the cashbook.

mceclip12.png This allows you to view and then print all of the Full Budget.

mceclip13.png This allows you to select and print certain areas of the Full Budget.

mceclip14.png This will recalculate balances in the Full Budget if you have edited data or are uncertain about balances shown.

mceclip15.png This is probably the most helpful tool of all. Whenever uncertain about a topic click HELP, search for the topic and print when needed.

mceclip16.png Click this icon if you wish to return to Display Direct Entry Window. You may use this button if you were viewing bank account balances.

mceclip17.png This button will display balances for all Bank Accounts.

mceclip18.png Click this button if you wish to enter Cash Transfers from one account in Agrimaster to the other.

mceclip19.png Click this icon only to erase direct entry.

mceclip20.png To use this button, a Budget of two or more years is required. This allows you to copy the previous year’s figures. You are required to enter the first year’s data, now you need to choose the next twelve month period from the drop down list. Now click the icon to copy.

mceclip21.png Use this button to adjust Full Budget figures by %.  This is useful for “What if” scenarios.



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