Cashbook & Bank Account Balances

Agrimaster keeps a record of your cashbook and bank account balances.

A bank account balance is the amount of money that is actually in your bank account at the end of each month.  The bank account balance is used each month to reconcile your cashbook and bank accounts to ensure you are keeping an accurate record in your cashbook.

The cashbook balance is a true reflection of how much money you would have in your account if all EFT payments were entered, the cheques you have written were presented and any outstanding credits in the transactions list e.g. invoices not yet banked or cleared.  It is a more accurate picture of your current financial position.  

To View The Balances:

  1. Click Cashbook.
  2. Click View Balances.

Before you make changes to Agrimaster you need to make sure that your bank account balances are correct.  Print them so you have a record before you start making changes to your file.


Number 1 is the bank account closing balance is displayed here. 

Number 2 is the cashbook balance is displayed here.  You will notice that in some months the cashbook and bank account balances are the same.

Example Of Viewing Balances 

Your Statement Closing should match your actual, physical bank statements exactly. 


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