Agrimaster Navigation

Agrimaster menus extend from the Home Page where you will find buttons and drop-down menusIf you lose your way around, click the Home Page button and you will be returned to the start menu.  You can access any menu screen by a single left mouse by clicking any menu button.

To maintain your Cashbook, the initial menus you will use are File > Cashbook > Setup & Tools.

Agrimaster Homepage Icons: 


  • Cash transfers 
  • Transactions  
  • Reconciliation 
  • EFT Acc/payable cheques 
  • View balances
  • Basic invoicing 
  • Find edit 
  • Find transfers 
  • Reports 
  • Repair past 
  • Create quick budget
  • Create a full budget 
  • Create worksheets 
Cashbook Reports
  • Monthly report 
  • Budget comparison report 
  • Accounting reports 
  • Cashflow forecast 
  • Stacked report
  • Tax report
  • Enterprise reports
  • Cashbook summary 
  • Transfers 
  • Graphing 
Setup & Tools
  • Setting 
  • Cashbook setup 
  • Internet banking setup 
  • Registration 
  • Import/export data 
  • Printer setup 
  • Check worksheet data 
  • Auto backup settings
Get Support 
  • Link to log a support request 
Assets & Stock
  • Asset register 
  • Stock control 
  • Quick stock reconciliation 
  • Close & quit Agrimaster 



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