Paying Public Holidays that starts at a specific time

Public Holidays, in general, will cover a full day, but occasionally there are instances where a public holiday will start at a certain time in the day.

This article uses the following scenario: Christmas Eve Public Holiday starts at 7pm (19:00) and hours worked before this time is not classed as a public holiday. Employees can work a combination of hours, non-public holiday hours where the shift finishes no later than 19:00 (1 below), both non-public holiday hours and public holiday hours where the shift starts before 19:00 and finishes after 19:00 (2 below) and public holiday hours only where the shift started at 19:00 or later (3 below). Wagemaster can handle this in the following way:

Add a standard Allowance in Setup > Allowances. This will be used for the public holiday loading.
Please check super requirements on this item, i.e. if the Public Holiday Loading needs to attract Super, then the Include in Super Calculation box needs to be ticked.

  1. Before setting up the public holiday in Setup > Public holiday, process the wages of employees who have not worked any hours on the public holiday portion of the day, i.e. the employees who started and ended their shift before 19:00.
  2. For employees who worked hours on the non-public holiday portion of the day as well as hours on the public holiday, enter all their hours worked on the Timesheet screen. They will get paid at the daily loaded rate and the difference between the daily rate and the public holiday must be manually calculated and the result entered as an amount using the Part Day Public Holiday Loading allowance.

    • Before entering Timesheets for employees who worked on the public holiday portion of the day only; i.e. they started on or after 19:00 and finished on or before midnight, set the public holiday up in Setup > Public Holiday.

  3. Once the Public Holiday has been set up, process the timesheets for employees who worked on the public holiday portion of the day only.
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