Submitting TFN Declaration Forms With STP

Purpose: Steps to follow to ensure STP automatically submits TFN Declarations to the ATO.

  1. Employee > Payments > Tax > Additional Requirement for TFN Declaration.
  2. The checkboxes that appear here must be selected according to the items ticked on the paper declaration form (NAT 3092) along with the date of signing. The greyed-out items on this page are collected from the Tax Table setup of the selected tax table from the Tax > Basic Details tab. If the employee is on a custom tax table setup, the tick boxes must be manually selected. Lodgment will occur when Report to ATO is selected in STP Reporting for the employees who are included in the Pay Event. 

  3. Lodgment: After EFT banking, the employee will be included in a Pay Event. In STP, select the Pay Event and View Details. The TFN Dec column will have a tick (or the word True) indicating that TFN information for this employee will be uploaded to the ATO with this pay event. 
    NOTE: If the TFN Dec column is not visible, right-click on the employee and select Customise and select TFN Dec and drag to the columns to add TFN Dec column in the grid view.

  4. Once reported to ATO and the Status has changed to ‘Success’, the date lodged field will be populated. This prevents the TFN Declaration information from appearing in the following Pay Events. Employee > Payments > Tax > Additional Requirement for TFN Declaration.

  5. Resubmitting:
    For the employees that you want to resubmit to the ATO, select the Resubmit button. This will clear the date lodged and these employees will now appear in STP Reporting with the TFN Dec box selected.
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