Entering Fuel Transactions

The Fuel Tax Rebate is a unique feature to Agrimaster and can be claimed on your monthly or quarterly Business Activity Statement.

The ATO requires that fuel rebates be calculated based on the date fuel was delivered to you, not on the date paid for. 

To cater to this change, in version 6.3.47 of Agrimaster, a new field called Delivery Date has been added to all transactions relating to fuel entries. This field enables you to record discrepancies between the date of the payment for fuel invoices and the date fuel is delivered so the discrepancies can be addressed. 

In some cases, one date may be before a fuel tax rebate rate change and the other afterwards.

When entering transactions that use codes where fuel tax rebate applies, you will see the additional field, Delivery Date in the Enter Cashbook Transaction or Enter Cheques to print, EFT to send, Accounts Payable windows. This additional field will appear when one of the codes used in your fuel tax setup is selected.

  1. In the Delivery Date field, enter the date the fuel was delivered to you image007.jpg

    Please note: The Delivery Date will always default to today’s date and each fuel-related split in the transaction requires a delivery date.

  2. You will not be able to save a fuel related transaction unless it has a delivery date. The below warning will display 


  3. If you leave the delivery date as today’s date, you will get the below warning when saving the split line and the transaction 


    Please note: If your file is on accruals basis for GST, you will have three dates for fuel tax entries (Date, Tax Invoice Date, and Delivery Date) These dates are independent of each other and can all be different if required.

    • Date: Date the invoice was paid
    • Tax Invoice Date: Date the invoice was issued
    • Delivery Date: Date the fuel was delivered/received
  4. Click the green tick to save


Editing Fuel Transactions

When you pull the Fuel Tax Rebate report, a listing of your fuel tax transactions will appear and the entries that require updating with a Delivery Date will be listed with a * next to the dates. The below message will also display on the bottom of the tax report.

Take note of all the relevant record numbers located under RN Ref.

  1. From the home page, click Cashbook
  2. Click Find Edit if the error is in an open month. If it is in a closed month, click Repair Past. 
    NOTE: The Repair Past function should not be used lightly because you can alter the closing bank account balances in months that are closed.
    You should not add transactions into a month in a closed BAS period without consulting your accountant first.
  3. For each transaction, enter the delivery date by clicking the arrow in the field next to Delivery Date 
  4. Click the green tick or F10 to save the entry
  5. Run the fuel tax rebate report again. If the warning message appears again, take note of the record numbers with a * and edit them
  6. Before you close your BAS, ensure the warning box does not appear 
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