Update the General Retail Industry Award - Oct 19

NOTE: This award update only applies to Employees part of the General Retail Industry Award

This PDL Update contains changes to Casual Award loadings for Saturday and Shift Loadings (Mon-Fri)

The changes to the General Retail Industry Award come into effect from 01/10/2019 so it is important not to update until after completing the final pay in September 2019. 

Update Instructions:

  1. Save the file linked at the bottom of this page to your Desktop. 
  2. Right-click on the saved zip file and select Extract here / Extract all.
    You should now see a new item on your Desktop which will contain a file named "General Retail Industry Award 2010(19-20)_1-10-19 update.Pdl."
  3. Ensure your Wagemaster file is backed up to File Manager prior to making any changes to your files.
  4. Open Wagemaster, in the Setup Menu, select Associations, select General Retail Industry Award association icon, click Edit, and then click on the Internet tab.
  5. Within the Internet tab, from this screen, tick Awards, then select Update Now.
  6. You are now ready to update the General Retail Industry Award file. After clicking Update Now, click Next and then Load from Disk File. Click on the 3 dots (Ellipsis) to navigate to the location (i.e. Desktop > General Retail Industry Award 2010(19-20)_1-10-19 update.Pdl. Once you have located the file, select Open, select Next and then Finish. You should see folders moving across the screen with familiar names of pay rates contained in your association.
  7. You should then Close using the close door icon (NOT the red cross) and select Close in the Edit Association Details box.

For further details of the changes read the General Retail Industry Award Oct 19/20 Update Details.

Below is the zip file containing the PDL file to download to your desktop.

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