Edit Tax Invoice Details

When you change your company details you should edit your invoice format; this includes changing your address, email address or amending your ABN if it is incorrect.
Please note: If you are changing/amending your ABN you should notify us and start a new file.
Follow these steps to edit your tax invoice template
  1.  Click Home
  2.   Click Cashbook 
  3.  Click Basic Invoicing Acc / Rec
  4. Click Print or Pay invoicemceclip1.png
  5. Click Edit Format and Message
  6. In the Invoice Format window, enter your business details and ABN  
  1. Recommended, add the payment information in the Enter an optional message box
  2. Click Select Logo
  3. The Invoice Logo screen will be displayed. Click Select Logo Bitmap File and choose the file path where the logo is saved. Note: the logo must be either in bitmap or jpg format and 5 x 5 cmlogo.PNG
  4. Click to save
  5. Close   to return to the Unpaid Invoices and Accounts Receivable window
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