Payroll Processing Checklist


  1. Action system maintenance that may be required (e.g. software updates).
  2. Create public holidays for the pay period (as required).
  3. Enter all leave types for the current or future pay periods for employees.
  4. Action employee maintenance (e.g. change of address, banking details, superannuation fund details – as required).
  5. Import timesheets (if applicable - e.g. Deputy).
  6. Process timesheet entries for employees.
  7. Once all pays are processed, print a Payment Summary Report for the current pay period.  This report is used to reconcile payroll payments imported into Agrimaster at a later stage.
  8. Review the payment summary report, attend to employee adjustments as required (e.g. missing allowances).  Once complete, reprint the report if employee changes were applied. 
  9. Close Wagemaster to ensure your company file backups up to File Manager prior to commencing STP reporting.
  10. Import your payroll payments into Agrimaster from Wagemaster.  Reconcile the payroll to payment summary report.
  11. Upload payroll payments to internet banking from Agrimaster (if you use this feature in Agrimaster).
  12. Create the EFT file in Wagemaster for STP reporting & process STP reporting in Wagemaster.
  13. Email payslips from Wagemaster and forward to Employees (paper-based or email).
  14. Close Wagemaster to ensure your company file backups up to File Manager.

Processing Superannuation

  1. Monthly or quarterly attend to superannuation processing.
  2. Print a Payment Summary Report (Gross Including Salary Sacrifice) from Wagemaster for the superannuation period. This report is used to reconcile superannuation payments imported into Agrimaster at a later stage. 
  3. Import superannuation payments into Agrimaster from Wagemaster (reconcile these to the Payment Summary Report). 
  4. Reconcile the data imported to the Payment Summary Report (Gross Including Salary).
  5. Amalgamated and upload superannuation payments to internet banking from Agrimaster (if you use this feature in Agrimaster).
  6. Separately add the Superannuation Payment details for all employees to the Super Clearing House.
  7. Reconcile Super between Agrimaster and Wagemaster. Do this monthly, quarterly, and annually.
  8. It's always important to be logged in to File Manager and the internet.  This will ensure your Agrimaster and Wagemaster company files back up to File Manager when closing your programs.
  9. Once all superannuation information is submitted to the Super Clearing House, and superannuation payments have been made, ensure the reports generated are filed digitally (or paper based) for all end of year reconciliation information for both your accountant and your own financial records.
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