Install Agrimaster Software

To use Agrimaster, you will need to install the software locally to the computer you are using. For a smooth and trouble-free installation of Agrimaster, follow the instructions below.

To install your Agrimaster Software

  1. Click this link to download
  2. Depending on which browser you use, you may see a message/warning similar to this Capture.JPG
  3. Select Save and then wait for the file to be downloaded (this might take a while as the download is ~320MB) 
  4. Once the download has completed, open File Explorer (AKA Computer/This PC)
  5. Locate the installer file (AG Full) which should be in either your Downloads folder or on your Desktop
  6. Right-click the installer and choose Run as AdministratorRunAsAdmin.jpg
  7. You may see a message from your antivirus software asking if the download is safe Click Actions/More Options (or Allow) to continue image004.png
  8. Select Run anyway 
  9. Wait a few moments and the Agrimaster installer will start.
    Click Next to begin the installation process 
  10. Read the End User Licence Agreement and then click I Agree to proceed 
  11. Click Next image008.png

  12. Click Next   image009.png
  13. Click Next image010.png
  14. The software will now start installing - please wait image011.png
  15. If this box appears, click OK image012.png
  16. And then click Finishimage013.png

 Next step: Register your Agrimaster program

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